Personal Storage

Personal Storage

Your extra space for your extra stuff!

Find the perfect storage locker size in downtown Vancouver to match your personal storage needs. Upsize or downsize with ease.

As the cost of housing rises and living spaces become smaller, it’s easy to run out of personal storage. Whether it’s living in cramped spaces, buying or selling a home, changing apartments, combining two homes into one, renovating your home, adding a new baby or spouse, or needing an off-site place to keep your valuables and special collectibles, a lack of space in your life is stressful. The solution?

At Downtown Vancouver’s U-Lok Storage, we have a variety of storage locker sizes to fit your personal storage needs. You can up-size or down-size at any time. In addition, all of our units have GROUND LEVEL ACCESS, there are absolutely no challenging moving ladders or portable stairs to deal with here!

We also have complimentary carts to move your goods to your locker, commercial-size elevators, all-steel units with roll-up doors and a custom-designed Access Control System with individually alarmed units. Your personal access code operates the elevators to your specific floor only, disarms your unit alarm, and turns the entire floor lights on.

Rent on a monthly basis, for the long- or short-term. We are open for longer hours than most self storage facilities, at 7 days a week, if you need to access your personal storage unit for any reason, and because we are fully staffed during this time, they will always be here, happy to help you. You can make automatic payments using our Online Payment Option and manage your account completely online. We want to make your personal storage experience as stress-free as possible, because sometimes you just need more space in your life!

Learn more about the types of Personal Storage that are our specialty:

  • Your Extra Space Away From Home

    Looking for a cool place to store your wine collection? Do you have valuables you want to keep off-site or memorabilia that you want to preserve for family? Are you between homes? What about that book collection or the boxes of family photos that you just can’t part with?

    It can be expensive to replace certain items that we love. Have you ever found yourself saying, “Honey, don’t throw it out, we might use it!”?

    Let Downtown U-Lok Storage be the answer to your questions.

    Short-term or long-term, knowing that you have that personal ‘space away from home’ is a good feeling. Label and organize your goods, put a little stool in your unit so that you can sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of freeing up space at home and the knowledge that all your ‘extra’ stuff is in a safe place.
  • Renovations

    The excitement of designing the kitchen of your dreams, or updating to hardwood floors, or going bigger with a complete home makeover, can be better enjoyed if you have an easy answer to the question, “Where can I find a safe place to put all my furniture and items if I have to move them out of the house in the meantime?”

    Let Downtown U-Lok Storage provide an easy personal storage solution for you — a temporary storage space that is the right size for your needs on a month to month basis.

    We are open longer hours than most self storage facilities, at 7 days a week, if you need to access your individually alarmed space for any reason. We are fully staffed during this time and happy to help you.
  • Extended Vacation or Working Abroad

    Are you planning to rent your home while you take an extended vacation or are you temporarily working out of the city to get closer to that dream vacation down the road?

    Either way, you’ll be asking yourself, “Where can I keep all my valuables and goods while I’m away?”

    Put your personal belongings into an individually alarmed all-steel personal storage unit and relax, kick up your heels, and have fun, or have more peace of mind while you concentrate on your work abroad.

    We also have mailboxes available for rent so that you can redirect your mail here while you are away, or arrange to have your mail forwarded to you. Of course, we will notify you by email if you receive any mail addressed to you. You can also arrange authorization for another person to access your personal storage unit on your behalf if you wish.
  • Seasonal Storage

    Even though our winters are considered to be quite mild, our four seasons still require us to change the way we dress, the activities we do, and how we spend our leisure time.

    Are your closets and drawers overstuffed with bulky winter clothes alongside wrinkled summer clothes?
    Do you have a suitable place to keep your hockey gear, skates, ski and snowboard gear, Christmas tree and decorations during the summer months, and patio umbrella and chairs, hoses and garden accessories during the winter months?

    It’s stressful to look for clothes that you know you have but can’t find, and how often have you completely forgotten you even have that beautiful sweater because you never see it?

    Let Downtown U-Lok put the ‘aaaaah’ factor back into your busy life by helping you select a small personal storage locker for all your seasonal changes. Your clothes will be able to breathe, you’ll have only the things you need for the current season in your home, and you just have to make an easy exchange when the season changes.

    Hang your off-season clothing in a wardrobe box or rolling hangar, use a shelving system to organize your sports gear, and store items such as garden tools, hoses, skis, and ski poles in one large garbage can.

    Take back the space in your home by turning a personal storage unit into a ‘walk-in closet’ away from home.
  • Your Personal Storage Space

    An individually alarmed personal storage locker is the perfect place to hide your birthday presents, anniversary surprises, wedding gifts … Anything that you have to keep from prying eyes until the big day. And yes, Santa does hide his presents here!

    We have occasionally had to stay past closing time on Christmas Eve because Santa called to say he was rushing to retrieve Christmas presents from his personal storage locker!
  • Student Storage

    When you are going home at the end of term, make your life easier by keeping your things such as a TV, desk and chairs, mattress and bed, shelving and file boxes, extra clothes, and miscellaneous items in a secured personal storage locker, instead of moving it all back home with you. You can even store your mini fridge here (just make sure it’s empty and clean, and leave the fridge door slightly ajar). We sell packing boxes, tape and other moving supplies here.

    Ask about our Student Specials! Prepay for 2 months, get the 3rd month FREE! This special should cover most of your break period and it applies specifically to our most popular smaller 5×5 lockers, or if you have more furniture, 5’x10’x10’.

    You keep the key. Your personal storage access code operates the elevators to your floor only, turns on the entire floor lights, and disarms your personal unit alarm. You can even share a locker with a friend if you both sign on the Rental Agreement. And when it’s time for you to return and prepare for another school term, just give us 7 days notice to vacate. It’s that easy.

Personal Storage Perks:

  • All ground floor access lockers
  • Extra high ceilings, 10’ and 11’
  • Rent on monthly basis, no long term contracts
  • Automatic Payment Plan
  • Complimentary carts and dollies, and with authorization, pallet jacks
  • Online account management
  • Oversize elevators
  • Individual access codes
  • All alarmed units
  • All steel units with rollup doors
  • Earthquake reinforced concrete building
  • Open 7 days a week with longer staffed hours than our competition
  • Mailboxes available
  • Packing supplies available