Business Storage

Business Storage

Your extra space for your extra stuff!

Find the perfect storage locker size in Downtown Vancouver to match your business storage needs. Upsize or downsize with ease.

Has a lack of commercial storage turned your office with a view into a room without a view? Is your business bursting at the seams with excess inventory, archived records, documents, or extra office furniture and equipment you can be keeping offsite? Does your Mobile Sales Force need a convenient, central distribution point? Our commercial storage customers love that all our storage units have GROUND LEVEL ACCESS! No moving ladders or platforms here!

Reduce your business costs and avoid long-term commercial lease commitments by renting a business storage unit that is charged monthly and allows up-sizing and down-sizing as your needs change.

We offer complimentary carts and commercial size elevators to make it easy to move your goods to your locker, and your all-steel units and roll-up doors are individually alarmed by our custom designed, state-of-the-art Access Control System. Your personal access code operates the elevators, disarms your unit alarm, and turns the entire floor lights on. Rent on a monthly basis, for the long- or short-term, and let us know how you would like to be invoiced. We are open for longer hours than most self storage facilities, at 7 days a week, and because we are fully staffed during this time, we will always be here, happy to help you.

You can make automatic payments using our Online Payment Option and manage your account completely online. Life is full of changes and sometimes you just need more space in your work life.

Learn more about the types of commercial storage that are our specialty:

  • Mobile Sales Force & Marketing

    Businesses that must manage changing inventory and distribution needs for promotional or seasonal marketing love our convenient central distribution location, close to Downtown Vancouver, and all major routes to neighboring areas. Store your flyers, brochures, and samples in a commercial storage locker. When your current promotion is over, it’s easy to change and update your authorized access list and up-size or down-size your commercial storage space any time, according to your changing needs.

    Contact us to discuss your specific business needs — we customize our commercial storage services to work with your sales force in the best way possible, including assisting with shipping and receiving your product.
  • Documents & Records Storage

    We may be living in the digital age, but where can you keep all that old-fashioned paperwork that Canada Revenue Agency rules dictate we need to keep? Instead of taking up valuable office space, store your archived files and sensitive documents off-site and cut costs too. That’s why so many accountants, lawyers, doctors, engineers, architects, and other document-heavy businesses and professionals store with Downtown U-Lok. We stay open longer, with longer staffed hours than our competition, at 7 days a week (see our holiday hours).
  • Pharmaceutical Representatives

    Our convenient, central location makes us the preferred commercial storage facility for busy professionals who spend much of their time on the road, making the rounds to physician’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and connecting them with new knowledge, drugs, and treatments.

    Save time by storing your samples, product literature, and marketing materials in our individually alarmed commercial storage units, and let us help you with complimentary shipping and receiving assistance, with follow-ups to inform you of your product arrival and pickup.
  • Wholesale & Retail

    Boost your bottom line by storing your seasonal inventory and large purchases planned for future sales in a convenient, central distribution location that puts you closer to your customers and your storefront.

    It only requires a month by month commitment, providing you more flexibility, as your commercial storage space requirements change. As your sales stock is depleted, new stock can be replenished from the commercial storage unit — our complimentary carts and all ground level access units make it a breeze to get around here.

    We provide complimentary shipping and receiving assistance, notification of product arrival and pick-up, the use of a private room to organize and label your orders, longer staffed hours, and we’ll even lend you a temporary locker for stock-taking so that you get more out of your busy day.
  • Production & Event Companies

    A commercial storage unit is a surprisingly simple and efficient solution for the challenges that film production and event management companies often face — sets, props, equipment, wardrobes, furniture, fixtures, marketing materials, office supplies, and product samples all need a temporary home that is secure and accessible. Long-term or short-term storage, big or small units, or use a commercial storage locker to accumulate signs, props, and donations for that one-off event — we’ll find the right commercial storage solution for you.
  • Hotels & Hospitality Services

    A self-storage unit helps you to maintain the flexibility that hospitality environments demand by keeping excess or surplus inventory that are used only during peak times, off-site in a commercial storage unit.

    Typical items for temporary storage are beds and bedding, furniture, lights, décor and artwork, tiles and carpets during renovations, repairs, re-branding, additions and new construction.

    Long-term commercial storage is ideal for equipment, supplies, records, and other items from various departments, such as facilities, operation and maintenance, landscaping, special events or catering, and housekeeping.

    Short-term commercial storage is popular for seasonal items such as holiday displays, decorations, patio furniture, and other related inventory.

    You won’t have to worry about that unique piece of furniture that was being kept for a special occasion, but can’t be located when it’s needed, because you know … It’s safely tucked away in the storage unit!
  • Contractors

    When contractors need to keep their tools safe, in good working condition and close to the job, renting a commercial storage locker has many advantages over keeping the tools at home or in your work vehicles. Besides freeing up space in a garage or basement for home items and keeping them out of children’s reach, you’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your tools and equipment, large and small, are locked in an all-steel metal unit within a concrete building, that is equipped with a custom designed state-of-the art security and access control system.

    When your job is complete, because your rent is payable on a month to month basis, it’s easy to down-size or up-size or vacate your unit until you need it again. Our large carts are complimentary and because all our units have ground level access, it’s easy to move your heavy tools and equipment around our building. Longer staffed opening hours at 7 days a week (see our holiday schedule) means you have one less thing to worry about.
  • Realtors & Staging Consultants

    Home staging is proven to sell homes faster and at a premium price! It also helps to make your listing stand out from the competition, by showcasing your home at its full potential, focusing on its strengths and minimizing the weaknesses, by creating as much open space as possible. In addition to staging, many realtors use high impact photos and social media to further enhance the listing, so presentation becomes the key priority to marketing your home.

    The simplest and most effective way to achieve maximum success is to remove all extra furniture and your personal items and putting them in a storage unit, thereby allowing potential buyers to better connect with your property, to ‘see and feel’ themselves living in it.
  • Wineries, Breweries, & Collectors

    Are you an always-on-the-go ‘horses for courses’ wine representative? With all your multi-tasking roles that this fast-paced industry demands, having a convenient, central location for your orders, pick-ups and deliveries will make a big difference in your busy day.

    You’ll love our Business Logistics Services, customized to your needs, and our commercial storage units on our “cool floor” partially underground is the perfect place for your special inventory. Email your orders to our office, and we’ll have the print-out ready for your reps when they arrive at our front desk. We will assist you with deliveries and pick-ups, informing you each time. We are open long hours and you can access your unit 7 days a week. Time to do an inventory count? Let us know and we’ll be happy to lend you a temporary commercial storage locker so you can have a little more space to spread out.
  • Start-Ups & Small Business

    Do you want to get your feet wet first with a new product but don’t want to commit to investing in more space with an expensive commercial lease, until the new product can prove itself to be a money-maker for the company? Is your home business growing and you simply need more space?

    From start-up locksmiths to beauty products, many of our clients who began their entrepreneurial ‘adventures’ from our commercial storage lockers, using them to hold inventory, or as a back office to fill orders, have grown into success stories.

    Have your new stock delivered here, and we will assist you with shipping and receiving your goods. Do you need a business address for your mail? We offer mailboxes, an internet connection, and a private room for meeting with clients.

    Staying flexible to take advantage of changing conditions and challenges is one of the keys to growing your business — it’s easy to up-size or down-size your locker according to your needs. With our month to month rental and monthly, semi-monthly or annual invoicing, you can avoid long-term, expensive commercial leases.

Commercial Storage Perks

  • All ground floor access lockers
  • Extra high ceilings, 10’ and 11’
  • Monthly, semi-monthly or annual invoices
  • Free package acceptance
  • Free notification of package/inventory receipt/pickup
  • Free Wi-Fi in lobby
  • Automatic Payment Plan
  • Free Inventory Receiving
  • Business Logistics Services
  • Complimentary carts and pallet jacks
  • Online account management
  • Free client meeting area
  • Commercial size elevators
  • Individual access codes
  • All alarmed units
  • All steel units with rollup doors
  • Earthquake reinforced concrete building
  • Competitive rates, friendly, experienced happy-to-help staff