Business Logistics

Business Logistics

Your answer to business logistics assistance!

Your business is only as good as the service you provided for your last customer.

A self-storage unit is an effective solution for managing your inventory so that you can deliver exceptional service to your customers. It provides easy hands-on access to your goods for you and your authorized access people without the high cost charged by inventory management and supply chain management companies. Simply rent on a monthly basis, and our extra high 10 ft. to 11 ft. high ceilings means that you can fill it to capacity and up-size or down-size any time, according to your needs.

Because every locker unit is individually alarmed, only you and your authorized access representatives can access your storage unit. Since all our storage lockers have ground floor access, you never have to deal with awkward moving ladders and platforms here.

The key benefits of using a storage unit to manage your business logistics and inventory are:

  • An ideal distribution hub for your inventory and your authorized access people
  • Free Assistance with receiving and shipping
  • Complimentary notification of goods delivery and pickup
  • Complimentary pallets (when available)
  • Complimentary monitored holding area with security cameras
  • Pay monthly, prepay semi-monthly (1/2 month free) or prepay yearly (13th month free).
  • Easy access to you and your authorized representatives 7 days a week
  • Upsize or downsize according to changing supply demands
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Complimentary client meeting area
  • Bring in large shipments and then separate them into individual customer orders for your route drivers
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The advantage of renting Self-Storage lockers versus contracting a supply chain management company’s Warehouse Storage services: When you rent a Self-Storage unit, only you and your authorized representatives have access to the individually alarmed unit, and access is free 7 days a week. Warehouse Storage, on the other hand, means that the employed laborers of the warehouse have open access to your goods and are therefore able to handle them; also, they will charge you a fee if you want to access your goods. In other words, Self-Storage enables you to have more control over your goods, more direct connections to your customers, more security and overall ‘peace of mind.’